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Clients include Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, AT&T, United Nations, TD Waterhouse, Lehman Brothers, Marsh & McLennan, AIG, CS First Boston, Wagner Electric, Coopers & Lybrand, Verizon, Westinghouse, Manufacturer's Hanover, NYC, Genentech , Harry Fox agency, Gibbs & Cox, and Equitable Life.




Conceptual Data Modeling, Enterprise Data Modeling, Logical Data Modeling, Physical Data Modeling, Enterprise Data Warehouse Design, Operational Datastore Design, Datamart Design, Metadata Management





NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (2007 - )

Lead Data Architect for the City of New York. Designed the Doing Business with NYC Database, the core of the most comprehensive campaign finance reform in the country.


Harry Fox Agency (2007)

Corporate Conceptual Model and Corporate Logical Model design for USA’s largest music licensing, royalty collection and distribution agency. Database designs for Publisher Services, Label Release Metadata and Licensing.


Merrill Lynch (2005 - 2006)

Metadata Integration Strategy for the Enterprise Data Standards Initiative including software evaluation and information integration and management method development. Organization all existing data models, data flows and data dictionaries into a MetaData Repository. Created physical models of all databases and logical models of strategic customer and product databases. Designed a Corporate Conceptual Model as an architecture migration target and developed procedures to map this model to the database models to facilitate information location.

Redesigned the key structures of Merrill’s central institutional client database.


Genentech (2005)

Designed a comprehensive IT Asset Data Model capturing key information about CIT assets and their inter-relationships to support the development of Genentech’s Enterprise Architecture Repository and Services.


J P Morgan Chase Investment Bank (2003 - 2004)

Designed the Information Model for transformation of the Traditional Credit Product infrastructure.


NYC Office of Payroll Administration (2003)

Responsible for assessing the data architecture of all the databases to be deployed in NYC’s new web enabled time and attendance system that will eventually be used by all 300,000 plus city employees.


TD Waterhouse (2001- 2002)

Reversed engineered the following databases: Waterhouse Investment Securities (customer and account), Brokerage Processing Services (positions and balances), Stock Loan, Eservices and Marketing. Created data models of the following subject areas: Customer and Account, Branch Administration, Marketing and Promotion, Bookkeeping, Fulfillment, and Relationship Management. Designed new database structures for Account Linkage and Customer Contact. Reversed engineered the data structures of the newly acquired RJ Thompson Securities (day trading firm). Provided data maps (ETL analysis) between TD Waterhouse, RJ Thompson and ADP. Created a data dictionary for the Waterhouse Investment Securities database. Created a corporate Metadata Repository.


Lehman Brothers (2001)

Logical and physical database design for the commercial mortgage loan system.


J P Morgan Chase Private Bank (2000-2001)

Data Architecture for Internet Data Aggregation. Provided data models and data maps (extract, transform and load analysis) of the datamarts and feeder systems in the aggregation effort. Designed and implemented a Metadata Repository providing a centralized information source for the data models, data maps, processes, documents, contact lists, project calendars and issues affecting the Chase/Morgan merger.


IBM (2000)

Logical and physical database design for an OLTP internet business to business communications and information system designed to help major financial institutions find, negotiate and agree to custom-tailored complex investment instrument transactions such as futures, options, swaps and other derivatives.


Marsh & McLennan (1999-00)

Designed logical and physical data models for the Web based global broking system


Chase Manhattan Private Bank (1996–99)

Data Warehouse design for the corporate data repository.

Datamart design (star schema) for the OLAP Web based compass investment management system.

Designed the data model for VISTA Funds (assets over $25 billion) Management Information System.

Reversed engineered the data structures of the global investment management system, esprit relationship management system, navigator peformance management System, investment analytics system, national depository system, winner relationship reporting system, polaris relationship management system. Provided the data models as Web pages.

Provided mappings between the amtrust tax and securities system, the shear tax and securities system, the global investment management system and the corporate data repository to assist in Chase/Chemical merger decisions and source feed creation.

Designed the Metadata Workstation data model, a Metadata Repository providing mappings between all logical models, physical models, systems, databases, processes, procedures, organizations, people, projects and activities.

Designed Metadata Workstation, a Metadata Repository providing mappings between all logical models, physical models, systems, databases, processes, procedures, organizations, people, projects and activities.


American International Group (1995-96)

Manager of Data Architecture. Responsible for the Corporate Data Model, the Enterprise Client/Server Case Tool, CASE methods and procedures, development of data models and reverse engineering of production systems.


Credit Suisse First Boston (1994–95)

For Data Administration: evaluated mainframe and workstation components of Seer’s HPS Case tool.

Converted all of the corporation’s forty nine data models from IEF to Seer HPS.

Created data models for six new systems.

Administered mainframe/workstation CASE environment.


Verizon (1993-94)

For Verizon’s Work Center Database Integration project: Recommended Information Strategy and Business Area Analysis plans. Provided Current Process Workflow analysis, Business Function/System Matrix, Data Inventory and Data/System Matrix.

Designed a Data Warehouse to replace seven legacy databases.


AT&T Chief Financial Officer Organization (1993)

Performed business analysis, logical and physical database design using CASE tools for AT&T Corporate wide legal and managerial consolidated financial statements. Provided a data architecture designed to eliminate discrepancies in managerial and legal results.


AT&T General Business Systems (1992-93)

Co-authored the Feasibility Study for a national enterprise relational database, a Data Warehouse to provide decision support in a distributed environment. Involved in EDI message definition process. Selected a networked CASE tool, a DBMS platform and designed the data warehouse. Provided a CASE strategy and methodology to support the business system life cycle in key corporate projects. Appointed data architecture liaison in the merger of AT&T General Business Systems with AT&T Business Communications Systems.


United Nations (1992)

Designed a Data Warehouse (SQL Server) to be fed from sixteen legacy systems for the Capital Development Fund.


AT&T Network Systems (1991-92)

As a member of AT&T's corporate wide Data Stewardship Program, reverse and forward engineered the Automated Comcode Assignment System, which assigns AT&T's part numbers. Using CASE, mapped and defined all data elements, records and databases of the system's four databases. Analyzed all data synonyms, and created standard relational and business names for the data. Developed the system's logical model and generated the item data server as a replacement relational database. Proposed a development platform and migration strategy.


AT&T Materials Support (1989-90)

Set up a development platform for the common distribution center system. Evaluated, recommended and installed a CASE tool. Administered the project's shared CASE repository. Evaluated, recommended and installed a DBMS. Designed and generated the database. Provided a multi-operating system environment.


ARC Medical and Professional Personnel (1988)

Evaluated, recommended and implemented a hardware and software platform to support billing, accounts receivable and mechanized office. Software package customization, system integration and screen design.


AT&T Consumer Products                (1984-88)

Developed a Corporate Information Model. Assisted in the enterprise-wide planning of data by assessing current and future information requirements via user interview and record analysis techniques, capturing all information in the corporation's first major use of a CASE tool. Created a data architecture by clustering the entity-relationship model into subject databases. Used the Corporate Information Model to plan and develop the Logical Database Designs for many new systems. Created Logical/Physical Database Designs for the:

marketing analysis and reporting system; the corporation's largest relational database, a Teradata data warehouse designed to analyze the market behavior of 60,000,000 customers.        

combined marketing system; A relational design derived by reverse engineering AT&T Communications

marketing data structures and consolidating the implied logical model with AT&T Consumer Products' Marketing and Analysis Reporting System logical model.

mechanized problem tracking system; Handles reporting and resolution of the nationwide 5000 hardware, network and software problems/month. AT&T Consumer Product's first large relational database.

financial reporting system; Designed for both hierarchical and relational target DBMS's.

resident interface processing system; Canonical synthesis of 110 requirements into a relational model.

message broadcast system; Provides inter-system communications for the Inventory System.

product database; a data warehouse designed to provide product related decision support.

special needs application processing system; Order processing for tariffed handicapped products.

service location management system; Provides lease administration for the Phone Centers.

Created CASE data dictionaries and logical models of the customer service system, which provides corporate billing, and the transaction monitor, which captures and routes all Phone Center transactions.

Consolidated the databases of the inventory tracking evaluation and management system and the

material logistics interface system using reverse engineering and logical modeling methods. Created a CASE repository for the IMS data structures of both systems. Developed a logical model of each system and then the combined logical model. Modified this logical model for performance and used CASE to automatically generate the database schema for the new items/mli consolidated system.

Developed mainframe CASE tool to PC CASE tool interface to allow data inventories from ongoing development projects to be merged into corporate repository. Developed CASE tool to mainframe Data Dictionary interface to allow company's first automated database schema generation.


Wagner Electric Corporation (1982-84); System redesign of the parts replenishment system. Performance optimization and data dictionary development of the sales and marketing database. System design, database design and database administration of the warranty reporting system. Published a database performance optimization manual which included general tuning concepts and procedures as well as database specific tuning procedures.

Coopers & Lybrand (1982); Design and programming of the land bank benefits statement                 

New York Telephone (1981-82); Designed and programmed components of the furniture inventory system           

Westinghouse Electric Corporation (1980-81); Designed an on-line escalator design system, including procedure definition, dialog design, database design and database administration.

Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Company (1979–80); System testing of the overdraft interest system for international corporations.               

Yourdan Inc. (1979); Instructor in Structured Design & Programming.     

NYC Board of Education (1976–78); Reporting to the Director of Data Processing,                          

installed and customized IBM’s budget accounting information system for large institutions.

Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith (1975); System analysis, design and programming of the              

new commission schedule system and the mutual fund system.

NYC Human Resources Administration (1974); Debugging of the welfare system.

NYC Urban Renewal Management Corporation (1974); System testing of the accounts receivable system.

Gibbs & Cox Naval Architects (1973–74); System design and programming of the job cost accounting system.

IBM/Sarah Lawrence University (1971-72); Independent research project in computer music.

Equitable Life Assurance Society (1970–72); Programming of the on-line customer application                   

processing system, the tax information system, and the new policy system.


Education: Batchelor of Arts from the City University of New York (1969).

Organizations: American Society of Media Professionals, American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers, Mensa, Data Management Association (Data Architecture)